The Joy of the Foot Massage

While the fact is that many of us now days do not know how to give a decent massage, it does not take much effort to give the gift of a good foot massage. After a long hard day of working on your feet, or even perhaps just a long day of mischief a foot rub can always hit the spot. Let’s face it! If you were ignored, stuck in a large cotton enclosure incased in a year old leather and rubber composition all day you know you want some attention.

Ok. All kidding aside, lets dig into exactly what a foot massage is. The foot massage is usually connected with the idea of reflexology, which is a form of therapy that focuses pressure to the reflex points in the body in order to treat aches, pains, and discomforts. Yet, a good foot massage is in itself different than foot reflexology. Through reflexology you can help treat aches and pains at random. However, a good foot massage focuses much more specifically. Its goal is to relieve the tired foot’s discomfort and allow the receiver the ability to walk away feeling brand new.

A good foot massage requires more than just a good set of strong hands. To give a good foot massage you will need a few big towels and some foot lubricant. The lubricant will help tame those stubborn calluses and help relax the foot.

First, it is important to wash the foot. Feet seldom get the careful attention as hands do. Also, keep in mind many people have very ticklish feet, so precede with caution and avoid any sudden movement. Next, you may begin by using your thumbs to rub the sole of the recipient’s foot in small circles. From there you may work your way from the heel to the balls of the toes. Last, you will want to focus on each individual toe. Placing each toe in-between your index finger and thumb gently begin to rub each toe, stretching pulling gently as you go.

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