Things to Know about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

You usually meet the summer with a feeling of complete exhaustion and insomnia; you feel like going on holidays, having rest, mustering your strengths and thus preparing for a new academic year or work. Probably you can attribute yourself to people who can’t turn their thoughts from work problems to something more pleasant. You are likely to suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Businessmen often complain that even at home, that they can’t stop thinking about work. These thoughts are still spinning in their head even when the man is trying to fall asleep. As a result he can’t fall asleep for a long time and this is the way insomnia develops. Constant insomnia, a long working day (more than 8 hours) are a great stress for our body. And finally, it starts sounding the alarm, reminding us about its needs with different indispositions starting from fatigue, tension, high irritability, headache and more serious disorders.

Recently conducted research identified professions mostly subject to the “burnout” phenomenon. These people always have to communicate with others. The four most risky occupations include: teacher, psychologist, actor, manager, etc. Students also form a separate group of risk. As they have to burn up the midnight oil, cramming for their exams or completing their college term papers. During the day they have to balance between studies and work. Every person has his/ her own ways of relieving tension, having rest from pressure at work. Scientists define these methods as “ecological” and “non ecological”. “Non ecological “ways of entertaining includes: drinking, smoking, drugs, overeating and gambling. These methods are called “non ecological “because a person who does not know other forms relaxation can get addicted to them. Many people agree that far more “ecological” ways of rest after the work are walking, meeting with friends or spending time in the family circle, watching TV, taking a soothing hot bath or shower and so on. To find time for rest you should be able to manage your time effectively. If you work all day long and on coming home, continue doing it (it does not matter in thoughts or really), your efficiency will gradually decline.

All the time you are “boiling” in your own problems and you find it impossible to forget about them and then have an objective look at them. So you are to plan your time so that you have some leisure during work and after it. It does not matter what you do during the rest. The point is to free your head from work issues at that moment. If you can’t get rid of thoughts about your work during the rest, try to arrange with “a responsible part of yourself “, dealing with these problems that it will give you a little time off. And then you will return to them at the appointed time. In this case you will have a more efficient control of your state. Your problems will not be solved just because you are thinking about them all the night. If you manage to find some easy methods of relaxation and rest, you will avoid “burnout” effect and you will feel better. You can use any methods of trance and relaxation during the day, plunging into relaxed state for several minutes. This way you will relieve yourself from stress, prepare for responsible appointment, tuning yourself for certain feelings such as calmness, self- confidence, vitality, burst of energy and high spirits.

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