Avoid Stress And Stay Calm With These Tips

Many people are experiencing unavoidable and unwanted stress these days, and it is not only unpleasant but can also be detrimental to health. If you are one of those people who are going through a stressful time, read on for facts to help you better understand your stress, and tips to help you overcome it. … Read more

Pregnant Women Ask: Is it Morning or All-Day-Everyday Sickness?

A misnomer! The name given to this condition is really misleading. A lot of women will definitely agree with this statement, most especially soon-to-be moms. Fact is, morning sickness not only occurs in the morning. For many women, it does afflict them during the morning, but it can affect also pose great discomfort at any … Read more

Adding More Phytonutrients To Your Diet Provides Big Benefits

Adding more phytonutrients to your diet might just seem like a prescription for more food, more confusion, more to worry about. But in reality, making sure you get enough of the phytonutrient benefit is as easy as adding color, freshness and variety. Phytonutrients are found naturally in a variety of foods, such as legumes, nuts, … Read more

ADD – Alternative Treatments

In this article we’re going to discuss some alternative treatments for someone suffering from ADD. Unfortunately some people suffering from ADD cannot handle taking medication, either for psychological or physical reasons. For these people their only recourse is taking an alternative path. There are many alternative treatments for ADD. We’ll be going over the most … Read more

Sports Fitness: Fun Way to be Healthy

When you talk about sports fitness, what comes first in your mind? It is, basically, the different sports activities, right? This is because sports fitness has always been referred to as the sports itself. Generally, sports entail physical activities that are usually carried out for some “recreational” functions such as self-satisfaction, entertainment, competition, etc. It … Read more