Types of Exercise for Weight Loss

Exercise is an essential part of the weight loss process and also to maintain a healthy weight once you have reached it. There are many health benefits of exercise and even those who are not overweight should have some sort of exercise program that they do regularly.

There are so many different types of exercises that there is something for everyone. Exercises that you can do to help lose weight include aerobic exercise, strength training or combine both times for stamina training.

Aerobic Exercise – aerobic type exercises are high cardio exercises because they raise the heart rate and as a result the body burns off lots of calories. To get the best weight loss results from cardio exercises one should perform them five times a week for 20 minutes each session.

The different types of aerobic, high cardio exercises include running, cycling, aerobics or Zumba. Running and cycling can be done on a treadmill or stationary bike with just as good results.

Strength Training – with strength training you build up muscle mass and as such increase metabolism. Muscle burns calories faster than fat and as such building muscle can help with weight loss. Building muscles is a great way to continue to burn calories even when you have finished exercising and are relaxed.

Strength training can be done using weights (dumbbells and barbells) or you can use resistance band. Strength training is also known as resistance training. Not everyone wants to join a gym and not everyone can afford a full dumbbell or barbell set, so resistance bands are a great method for getting very similar results but at a much cheaper price.

Stamina – stamina involved aerobic exercise to improve the cardiac health and also resistance training to build muscle mass. Stamina is also known as interval training.

Sports that combine strength training and aerobics include:

* swimming
* Boxing
* Martial Arts
* Hiking
* Basketball
* Baseball
* And others.

Interval training combines aerobic exercise along with strength training within the same exercise program. For example, 10 seconds of high speed running on a treadmill followed by 20 seconds of sit ups or bicep curls. The body will use up a lot of energy during the 10 second run and then recover during the lower intensity resistance exercise. The body burns calories much faster with interval training, so 20 minutes of stamina training can burn off as many calories as 40 minutes of a single intensity exercise routine.

It is believed that combining these two types of exercises can also reduce the appetite which also assists in weight loss. If one does aerobics exercises on their own they may stop eating fat but usually replace it with something different. If one does strength training on its own this doesn’t really affect the diet at all. A combination of these types of exercises works best for decreasing appetite and burning off lots of calories.

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