Unisex Perfume For You And Your Partner

You cannot perhaps imagine spending a day in summer not wearing the right fragrance. You can choose from different perfumes available for men and women, and many other varieties that can be used by both the sexes. These fragrances are classified into unisex perfumes. What makes these fragrances unique is that you and your partner can pour on from the same bottle.

Calvin Klein has introduced an array of fragrances that are meant for both men and women. CK BE is a floral fragrance that is made out of musk, mandarin, magnolia, sandalwood and peach. The natural ingredients of the floral essence not only emit a mild aroma but it is gentle for your skin. You can wear the perfume anytime during the day.

CK One is another flowery essence launched by the designer house in 1994. The perfume is made out of flowery extracts of Jasmine and fruit extracts of papaya, pineapple, green tea and amber. It has extracts from rich spices like cardamom and nutmeg that adds to its sweetness. The perfume is meant for the daytime and refreshes you when you are at work. The aroma not only makes your mood lighter but the natural extract has a soothing effect on the skin. CK One Electric and CK One Scene are other unisex fragrances from Calvin Klein.

Designer perfumes by Gianfranco Ferre are made out flowery extracts. GIEFFEFFE is a nice scent that smells good on you and your partner. The flowery essence is made out from natural ingredients like flowers and citrus fruits on an essential oil base made of patchouli mint leaves and sandalwood. While the mint extracts in the perfume act as a coolant, the citrus fruits and sandalwood extracts are known for its healing properties. All the natural ingredients together give out a pleasant aroma.

If you have a nose for some really good smell, then you can take your pick from Virgin Island Water by Creed. This fragrance was launched by the designer house of Creed in 2007. It is a unisex perfume and it is recommended to be applied anytime during the day. Just sprinkle a little of your favorite aroma on your arms and feel the lasting fragrance throughout the day! Always trust a prominent brand label to feel the freshness as those from lower brands are sometimes irritating to the skin.

Want to gift your loved one on his or her special occasion? You can opt perfumes from popular brands like Musk Etro and Anice Etro. All these fragrances are processed at designer houses and made from natural ingredients, like fruit and flower extracts. The sweet aroma, the sophisticated bottling and unique coloring of these fragrances are sure to appeal your senses!

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