UV Air Purifiers The Complimentary Air Cleaning System

UV air purifiers utilize a type of technology that is most effectively used in combination with other types of air purification systems. Ultra violet air purifiers are not air cleaning filters, in that they do not harvest harmful particulates from the air, like the HEPA or electronic systems. UV air purifiers are, however, an extremely useful addition to a more comprehensive air cleaning system.

UV air purifiers use certain types of ultra violet light to neutralize and destroy microorganisms that live in our environment, such as bacteria and viruses, which can potentially be very harmful, particularly to young children or older people, or family members who have already been compromised by another illness. UV air purifiers are also effective in dealing with mold, and the tiny toxins that mold spores release.

Ultra violet air purifiers work by altering the DNA of these microorganisms, which results in their death. Don’t worry though UV air purifiers won’t harm your DNA or that of your children in any way. These purifiers are completely safe for use in your home environment.

While the technology used in UV air purifiers is highly effective in killing bacteria and viruses, it cannot act as an air cleaning filter, and so by using this technology alone, dust and particles will remain present in the atmosphere in your home. For complete air purification, many manufacturers have combined ultra violet air purifiers with some other type of filter technology, such as HEPA, to ensure that the air you breathe is as safe and clean as possible.

UV air purifiers are highly effective at what they do, but are unable to perform the same functions as other air cleaning systems. So for the best of both worlds, choose a system for your home that offers both an air cleaning filter and a uv air purifier.

UV air purifiers, a useful addition to your air purification arsenal.

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