Verizon Ringtones Online

So you want some new ringtones for your Verizon cell phone? You can find all kinds of Verizon ringtones at the Verizon site found at or by accessing additional ringtones using your phone itself. The second option may be better for you if you have not set up an account on the Verizon website.

Before being allowed to access your account online you’ll have to register with the Verizon website. It seems like cell phone companies would have their stuff together by now so that with any new cell phone account you also already have an online account and password. You could access this info in your phone and visit the website or not, without having to register and go through all the confirmation hoops and emails.

Registering at the Verizon site will help you download additional content like Verizon ringtones, wallpaper and more, but it will also allow you to view your cell phone bill online. This can be really nice for keeping up to date about your minutes used and things like that. Plus, making a payment online is so much more convenient than dealing with paper, pen, checkbook and stamps. I’ve used paperless billing ever since it was introduced and it’s wonderful to never receive that evil looking wad of paper in the mail.

If you don’t find the ringtone you want at the Verizon site you may be tempted to use a third party ringtones website, but I strongly caution you against doing so. Many of these sites are gateways to recurring charges on your cell phone account. If you feel you must, be sure to read every bit of small print to see what all you’re signing up for.

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