Want to Stop Panic Attack Symptoms?

Have you ever suffered from a panic attack? A panic attack occurs when feelings of intense anxiety and fear overwhelm you and manifest themselves in a variety of symptoms, including a pounding heart, shaking, dizziness, nausea, sweating, chills, shortness of breath, or others. The attack can last for a very short period or for hours. Sometimes, you may be able to see an obvious trigger for a panic attack, such as a busy workplace or a loved one that is ill. Other times, you may not see any reason for why you are experiencing a panic attack. Sometimes, just the thought of having a panic attack can trigger one.

What is most important is to realize what your body is doing, and to try and pinpoint what is causing you to feel anxious and fearful. If you are unable to figure out why you are suffering from panic attacks, it is best to see a doctor. Don’t be worried that your doctor will think you are weird many people suffer from panic attacks, and often the cure you need can be very straightforward, such as a small change in your routines or lifestyle. It is good to speak with someone else to get their opinion on what you are experiencing, and a doctor or psychologist is an excellent person to speak with because they have the knowledge that can help you overcome these symptoms.

If your symptoms are severe, and you are unable to stop them on your own, there are medications which your doctor can prescribe to help you combat the panic attacks. The body is a complicated system that works in all different ways, so what some people might find helpful may not work for other people. Don’t give up if you still experience panic attack symptoms; you may help in confronting different factors in your life that cause anxiety, or you many need to try a different medication or treatment.

Often, even if you are unable to figure out what is causing your symptoms at that moment, you can take action to stop them. Get away from people, or have a friend be with you. Sit or lie down. Focus on breathing deeply and thinking positive, calming thoughts. Even if you feel like you are not in control, make every effort to stop the symptoms. Know that you are not alone in this: your friends, and especially your doctor, can help you overcome panic attack symptoms.

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