Ways To Burn and Reduce Your Calories

Most Americans struggle with weight gain and most have already tried every imaginable diet program yet with very little results to show for it. The fitness and diet industry has come up with a number of programs that promised “sexier” bodies for anyone who diligently follows every food consumption advice. Some of the more popular diets include the Atkins Diet, South Beach Diet, and the No Points Diet — all of which have gained their respected throng of followers.

The truth is, these diets are only as effective as the level of discipline you have. Any diet program can work if the person is committed enough to follow the dietary prescriptions. The bottom line is that you will gain weight again if you don’t watch your calorie intake or if you consume more calories than your is supposed to have. Eating the proper food in the right proportions is the key to diet success.

Moreover, a weight watcher should also understand that exercise still plays a major role in losing weight. Controlling food intake must work hand-in-hand with a regular exercise program that is intended for burning the excess fat in the body. But a person does not need to invest in expensive equipment or have a costly exclusive gym membership. The tools for losing weight can be found right inside our home or nearby surroundings.

Aside from the diet and exercise, it is also wise to follow these tips on how to start and maintain a successful weight loss program:

lHave a Positive Attitude – Even if you adapt a fitness or diet program, these will not work if you don’t have a positive outlook about losing weight. It will normally take a few days or even weeks before you notice any results out of your diet and exercise regimen. It takes an optimist to keep with a program that is slow to show its promised benefits. Give yourself a break every once in a while and accept the fact it will take awhile to see the results. Start with good positive affirmations about yourself and your health. Have faith in the affirmations and it will surely influence your mood and motivation to stay on a diet and continue your exercise program. Your affirmation will be more effective if you write it down. For example, you may want to write down this statement and read it to yourself: ” I want to lose 30 pounds before Thanksgiving.” That is a manageable goal. You don’t need to limit yourself to one affirmation either. Train your subconscious to be more positive. Do nothing and nothing gets done. Say, believe, and act on something…and it gets done.

lTake Action It is a well known fact that two out of three Americans are overweight. Why? We eat more and exercise less. We usually go for the high-calorie fast food meals when we take lunch breaks and many actually believe that we won’t get fat if we eat “low-fat” food. If you eat more calories the body, will store it as fat. Having a low-fat diet prevents you from consuming unwanted calories while improving your blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It is important to know that there is also what is called good cholesterol. Not all cholesterols are bad for your health. Another important point is to determine your ideal body weight based on current standards of measurement for men and women. Another way to determine your health and fitness is by using the waist circumference method which says that your waistline should not be more than half of your height in inches. For example, a five-foot man which has a height of 60 inches should not have a waistline bigger than 30 inches.

lDiet – Before adapting to a new diet plan or program, it is best to first consult your doctor. You should avoid consuming high-fat, high-calorie foods and learn to prepare delicious yet healthy meals. Once in a while, you can treat yourself by eating moderate amounts of food that you normally enjoy like a few bites of chocolate or half a cup of ice cream. That way, you won’t feel deprived of these good “comfort food.”

Losing weight takes discipline to follow a sensible diet and maintain regular exercise. Sometimes, for very difficult cases, the use of a prescription weight loss pill may become necessary. Just remember that losing weight takes time. If you stick to your plan and relish the prospect of having better health and a better figure — you will lose those unwanted pounds and gain more in terms of your self-esteem and physical conditioning.

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