What do You Know About Indoor Pollution?

What do you know about indoor pollution? I never really thought much about it as you may not have either but I found that some people spend 90% of their time indoors. When you hear about pollution you nearly always picture some cars exhaust pipe or a large chimney stack pumping large plumes of black or grey smoke into the sky, but what could we be breathing in from just spending time at home.

Did you know that your furniture and fixings are all giving of dust and gasses as you use them? Take your sitting room for starters did you know that your sofa is adding to pollution by producing dust from the break down of the fibers in it?… your bed’s also doing the same, the repeated use of the bedding weakens the fibres and they break down to a small enough size for us to breath them in. We’re also constantly breathing in house dust which can be made up of skin cells, moulds, bacteria, animal dander, viruses and pollen every day. So what can we do about it?

Firstly make sure you house has good ventilation, because some of our homes are so well insulated nowadays, the air doesn’t get replaced enough. (Years ago people didn’t have to worry about this as they had a lot of drafts and openings for the outside air to enter.) Try to open your windows daily to allow some fresh air in to dilute the pollutants. Try not to use air fresheners if you can’t open your windows as these only mask the smells and you end up breathing that in too which can just make things worse.

And secondly as I written before in an earlier article it’s still very important to remember to always breathe through your nose and avoid mouth breathing, because by not doing this you’re bypassing the natural filters in the nose and allowing foreign debris into your airways where it can become an irritant and maybe become a health issue further down the line.

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