What Exactly is a Home Stair Lift Anyways?

What exactly is a home stair lift? For the elderly and people with various handicaps, a stair lift is an answered prayer. Imagine having trouble getting around and living in a two-story home all by yourself. You need to be able to upstairs and downstairs as you wish.

But, by doing so, you increase your risk of breaking your hip or worse from falling down the stairs. In this situation, you have several options. You can’t try to live out of the downstairs of your house. You could hire a helper to go up and downstairs for you as well as help you up and down safely. Or, you could forego all that, become more independent and enjoy more mobility by having what’s called a stair lift.

Essentially, a home stair lift is a motorized chair that’s attached to a stair way railing. It goes up the staircase and down. The user simply sits in it, buckled in and is able to safely go up and down the stairs as they please fulfilling their daily tasks.

There are all sorts of makes; models ands styles of home stair lifts as there are chairs. Most of them run on a battery or electrical power source. They’re usually very quiet even whisper quiet and they move without jolting the person seated in the chair. A joystick on the chair is manipulated by the user to go up and down the stairs.

Over the next few years, demand for home stair lifts will continue to increase and stair lifts will become more of a regular feature in people’s two-story homes.

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