Why Depression Is Caused ?

In today’s life style of the human being, depression is a very familiar disorder. It is affecting every eighth man and every fourth woman. Many of us are unaware of the symptoms of depression which includes feeling of desperation, compulsive negative thoughts, increased or decreased appetite, insomnia or an increased need for sleep, being apart socially, frequent irritation, loss of memory and low concentration, interest towards suicide and death. It is good to think that depression is sadness and the causes of depression will vanish as a consequence negative feeling will subside. However, never take the causes of depression very easily. It may get worsen as it is not cured on time. It should be under periodic surveillance.

It is assumed that the causes of depression are 40 – 70% hereditary and it also seen in some cases that person under depression have the child with depression disorder also. This means that the potential for depression lies in the person’s genetic organs. The depressed parent are often seen lacking energy to reproduces child and it is the matter of depression only as it has great influence on reproduction. It is totally against the nature of reproduction. Here we come to know that

depression plays vital role and it is followed hereditarily.

The causes of depression is hereditary or not, it is physiologically proven and it totally refuses that depression is nothing but a bad, angry or hopeless mood and it will get over as the time passes. Low serotonin level in human has proven one of the cause of depression and loss of neurotransmitters in the hippocampus has also been identified as one of the causes of depression. Seasonal problem may also cause depression. It is known that deprive of light and warmth in winter season and the person become depressed as a consequence not suffering from “cold bite” but actuality have the problem from shorter days and longer night. This type of seasonal disorder can further lead to a major depressed condition. Hormone also plays a major role in causing depression, especially among those women who suffers from Pre menstrual syndrome or post-partum depression. In fact, while one out of every four women suffers from depression compared to one in

every eight men, this discrepancy disappears among women who have undergone menopause, when there are lower levels of estrogen. More and more researches are needed to rectify whether these hormonal disorder can really causes of depression or just merely triggers.

Dismissed from job, got divorced, or a sudden death in family may not be the real cause of depression, but they can just tamper the problem in those who have predisposition for the problem. Most probably these events can cause feeling of worthlessness, but if theses are not persistent, they are the normal aspects of the grieving process and the not the real cause of depression. In some manner if these negative feeling are terminated they may help to set off depression. There are

some physical disorder which are included among causes of depression. Heart condition and hepatitis may causes depression, as well as AIDS and other illness can cause weakness and tiredness.

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