Why Does The Cost of LASIK Eye Surgery Change?

As far as the cost of LASIK eye surgery is concerned, the only worldwide standard is that prices are quoted per eye. However, the cost depends on several factors and varies from one provider to another. A strong reason behind such a variation is that different providers perform different levels of pre-operative testing. A thorough pre-operative examination can avoid LASIK complications, and hence it’s imperative to determine if appropriate pre-operative testing is included in the quoted price.

The cost of equipment used for pre-operative testing and surgery also varies, and this reflects in the overall procedure fee. Computer-controlled scanners to determine the exact shape of the cornea, eye tracking device, tear film analysis, the laser used to make incisions, and all other pertinent equipment vary in cost from one medical center to another.

A few unscrupulous practitioners may advertise their services at a discounted price. Don’t be fooled if an ad says, “LASIK for $500 per eye”. The truth is that not all patients are eligible for a discounted price. A particular patient may require an extensive refractive surgery in the first place, or frequent follow ups after the surgery. Furthermore, it is typically the case that a discounted price does not include the essential pre-operative testing. Hence, make sure what features are being offered for the quoted price. Cases have been reported where medical institutes have been found guilty of misrepresenting the actual cost of LASIK eye surgery.

As the popularity for LASIK eye surgery rises, so does the incurred cost. A leading refractive industry newsletter reported that the average cost for LASIK eye surgery in the second quarter of 2005 was 1,965 USD. The study was based on a comprehensive research of various medical facilities, ranging from regional practitioners to nationwide networks. Most insurance companies do not cover LASIK eye surgery, since they consider it as a cosmetic procedure.

People are tempted to choose a surgeon that offers a discounted price. But that may be an act of foolishness. The smarter thing is to choose the best surgeon available who has experience of this procedure. There is no point risking your vision for the sake of a petty few dollars.

If in doubt you should seek further information.

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