Why Should You Chose A Hilton Head Timeshare

If you are interested in buying timeshares, you will know that location, location and you guessed it location are of the utmost importance. My Hilton Head timeshare has the advantage of being based on a beautiful island off the coast of South Carolina. This little island attracts over 1.5million visitors a year and believe me if you have ever been there you would know why.

My kids love going to the beach to watch the dolphins play with the fish. Fortunately they are still young and innocent to believe it is all a big game. I dread the day when they realise that their lovable friends are not playing but gathering up their dinner!

My husband is a golf fanatic. Have you ever heard the term golf widow? Well, that is me! Although Hilton Head is only 14 miles long and 7 miles wide, they have still managed to fit in 200 golf clubs. So if your partner is into golf, you can bet your last dollar you won’t see him during your vacation.

But don’t despair ladies as the island also offers some amazing spas and shopping facilities if you are not also into golf.

I would suggest that you take advantage of a free trip to Hilton Head courtesy of one of the many timeshare providers. Just leave the credit cards behind. Even if you fall in love with the Island like I did, you don’t want to buy a new timeshare. There are plenty of resale units available either to rent so that you can test this vacation spot or to buy.

Why would you buy resale? Effectively you are buying a similar vacation ownership as the new ones on offer for a fraction of the price. You should still exercise as much caution as you would if you were buying new.

Not all vacation units are created equal and I am not talking about location. A timeshare is basically the right to stay in a property for a certain time period, usually one week, every year. Some timeshare units will provide you with a fixed week at a fixed location whilst with others you will have a floating week entitlement. With the first option, you always know which week your unit will be available. With the second, you have to book the unit a little like you would with a holiday. It usually works on a first come first served basis so you may not always be able to take advantage of your condo. For this reason, most people prefer the fixed week offering.

The other major issue that you need to check before purchasing is whether it is a deeded or right to use type ownership. Deeded ownership would be the more valuable option as you usually own a fractional interest in the property and as such can sell, gift or leave it to your estate. With right to use, you have to eventually return the property to the original owner so it is a lot less valuable.

As it is such a wonderful location, do your research properly and you won’t regret your investment in a Hilton Head timeshare.

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