With Critical Illness Life Insurance Your Family Will Not Suffer

Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness scares the bejesus out of the layperson, but you need to in order to prepare for the unexpected by purchasing critical illness life insurance. Without the protection of critical illness life insurance in place, you and the rest of your family may suffer major financial devastation should you become critically ill, losing the ability to work

Critical illness life insurance pays you a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a severe medical problem in contrast with disability insurance which covers lost monthly income and anticipates the possibility of your eventual return in some capacity to the work force, Rules and stipulations vary, but as a rule of thumb as long as you survive the illness for a pre-determined designated time period, of usually between 14 to 30 days, the policy will pay out a one-time full benefit amount.

There are three forms of critical illness life insurance: a mortgage life insurance policy with a critical illness rider; a combined policy of mortgage and critical illness life insurance; and a stand alone critical illness life insurance policy. Requesting information and critical illness quotes for various insurance providers will provide you with the opportunity to compare insurance rates and choose the policy type and coverage which best suits your individual needs.

Critical illness life insurance is for everyone and is not just limited to home owners or employed individuals. If your spouse falls sick and you have to take time away from work, critical illness coverage would eliminate the added burden of looming bills and pesky creditors.

The expense of health insurance could become astronomical, especially if coverage is denied or cancelled. Critical illness insurance is routinely confused with health insurance, people have become bankrupt trying to pay medical bills that were not covered by their health insurance provider. The majority of health insurance policies feature limited benefits, ceilings and caps on the yearly payouts and/or maximum life amount. Purchasing critical illness life protection will guarantee your ability to meet all of life’s “surprise” financial obligations.

So, how much coverage will you need? Well, that all depends on the situation. But when approximating how much critical illness life insurance is necessary:

How much are your monthly expenses?

How much is your total monthly mortgage?

What other insurance policies do you have?

Also take a look at how the terminally ill by each adult member of the household would affect the overall financial future of the family. Take into consideration the changes that would occur, lost wages, medical bills, out of pocket expenses (gas, parking, co-payments, prescriptions, supplies, long-term care expenses, etc.) and increased child’s/adult daycare.

Protect yourself and your family by purchasing critical illness life insurance for every adult household family member. The possibility of becoming terminally ill is very real and so is the potential devastation to your family without adequate critical illness insurance protection.

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