Worry No More About Unexpected Pregnancy

It all started one morning when you just couldn’t drag your body out of the bed. You felt nauseated, sick, and too exhausted to get up and get ready to go to work. For the first time, you incurred a late mark in your spotless attendance record, and you just felt irritated and snappish even in mere conversations with your colleagues.

As you still feel nauseous and sick the next day, your fear and suspicions were heightened as the home pregnancy kit you used produced a single blue line. You excused yourself at work for one day and went straight to your gynecologist. Finally, the doctor confirmed that you are, indeed, pregnant.

Just like some women, your pregnancy might be unexpected. If so, then you are probably not ready emotionally, psychologically, as well as financially for your pregnancy. Unexpected pregnancies usually happen to single women who got themselves involved in one-night-stand affairs.

The best thing to do when caught in this unpredicted situation is not to panic and start focusing on the things you ought to do and prioritize now that your pregnancy is confirmed.

Now, if you are a soon-to-be single mom and you are a bit unsure of what to do next with your life, the following is a helpful guide that can surely help you with your pregnancy:

1. Inform the father and your family about your pregnancy.

The first thing you need to do once you confirm that you are pregnant is to inform your condition to the father of your baby as well as to your family. Since it is most likely that your family will acknowledge and accept your pregnancy, there is always a chance that the father will not.

If the father refuses to take responsibility or help you with your pregnancy, you can then decide if you either want to continue having and raising your baby; continue having the baby then set up an adoption; or just end the pregnancy. However, ending the pregnancy is not really the best option to take, especially if you can raise your baby all by yourself.

2. Talk to an expert to relieve yourself from stress and depression due to unexpected pregnancy.

If you feel that you need to talk to someone about your condition and situation, consulting a psychologist might help as a stress relief. It is quite normal to feel down and depressed in having to deal with an unexpected pregnancy alone. Hence, relieving your worries to a person who can understand you is good therapy or treatment.

3. Take serious care of your body.

No one is bound to take good care of yourself other than you. This is, of course, for the sake of your baby. If you are healthy and free from any worry, these will reflect on your baby as well. So, while pregnant, be sure to have plenty of rest; exercise daily; avoid smoking; maintain a healthy diet; refrain from drinking alcoholic drinks; and never take any anti-anxiety drug or medication without consulting your doctor first.

4. Know your benefits and privileges from your company.

It is your right to know your benefits and privileges as a pregnant employee from your company. Take advantage of these entitlements for these can make your pregnancy easier as well as lessen your financial worries.

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