Wreath Making Fundraisers

Wreath making and selling can be a fun project and a money maker for almost any organization; however it is going to take some careful planning to make sure that everything runs smoothly. You’re weekly get together group may be all in favor of making wreaths, but as with any group project, you will have members who will be at different levels of capabilities. Some members may already be proficient wreath makers, others may be rank beginners.

You will also want to decide if all of the wreaths will be alike or will they be different? If you decide to make five different kinds of wreaths, you will want to have your members divided into five different groups. You will also want to have a leader or leaders for each group, a person or persons who know how to make the wreaths that their group is going to make and are willing and able to share this knowledge with others.

Printing out descriptions and directions for each type of wreath is a good idea also and will give those who have never made wreaths before a basic idea of what this entails.

You will also need a committee to buy or procure materials. Possibly more than one. You may need one group to be in charge of gathering natural supplies while the other group will be in charge of buying the embellishments which will be put on the wreaths.

If you are not going to sell the wreaths the same day you make them, you will need to be able to store them properly and this will include seeing that they get proper care.

You may also want to take orders for wreaths before they are made, so that you can be sure that each of the wreaths being made has a customer waiting for it. This will mean that you will want a sales committee who will go out and take orders for wreaths prior to your craft meeting.

If you are going to sell your wreaths at a particular time in a particular spot you will need to let this become public knowledge. You will want to arrange for a selling place, if you do not already have one, you will want to have people make posters and people distribute them. You will also want people who can arrange the wreaths the day of the sale and people to maintain the sales tables.

With careful planning, this can be a fun and a money making project for any group, careful planning is the key and hopefully this will be a fun and a productive and profitable project for your group and one which will be repeated in the future.

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