Yeast Infection Children – How To Help Them

Since we all have the Candida albicans bacteria in our bodies, anyone can be prone to getting yeast infections. While they’re not fun for anyone, it’s particularly upsetting seeing yeast infection children. No one wants to see their child have anything wrong with them, anything that might cause them pain or discomfort. So even though it may not be too serious and it may be common, that doesn’t mean we have to like it. The location of the outbreak will determine what type of treatment is required.

Since the Candida is found all over the body, it likes moist warm areas, yeast infections can occur all over the body. And while we tend to think of yeast infections as a ‘girl problem’ boys and men can also get them.

When a yeast infection occurs in the mouth or throat it is called thrush. This painful affliction can turn your mouth white and will require an antifungal that will generally be swished around and swallowed to cure it. Thrush can make it painful to swallow and is a common problem in infants due to the breast milk they get.

Sometimes babies can actually be born with yeast infections. It’s not uncommon for baby girls to have vaginal yeast infections as well.

The best thing to do to try to keep yeast infection children at bay is to keep the areas where the Candida is most prevalent, the mouth, the genital areas, the rectum and the arm pits, dry and clean.

This can be especially challenging with babies who still wear diapers. You have to be diligent about changing them and keeping their bottoms clean and dry. If you spot a rash or any indication that something is going on contact their doctor right away.

While yeast infections are not generally considered to be very serious in adults everything is more intense in kids. For this reason you have to be hyper diligent about keeping your child clean and dry.

Having too much blood sugar is a big risk factor for your kids to develop a yeast infection so try to stay away from giving your kids too much milk. Many types of milks are very high in sugar, things you may not have even thought of such as soy milk. Another thing that we commonly give to children that is loaded with sugar is various types of fruit juices. Apple juice can be particularly high in sugar and a good thing to avoid. At least until the infection has cleared.

No one likes to see their kid in pain, even if we know it’s not real serious and unlikely to cause any long term harm. Though yeast infection children may be common that doesn’t mean that it’s any easier to deal with when it involves our kids. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that this only affects girls, both boys and girls can fall ‘victim’ to this infection. Try to keep their sugar intake to a minimum and treat any sign of infection quickly and aggressively.

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