30 Minute Meals Rachel Ray Shows You How

If you’d like to make delicious and healthy 30 minute meals, Rachel Ray can show you how to do it. She’s the host of several popular Food Network programs like “30 Minute Meals” and “$40 a Day.” She even hosts “The Rachel Ray Show,” a popular talk show.

But Rachel Ray’s claim to fame was “30 Minute Meals.” In this show, she took 30 minutes and some natural ingredients and made a great meal. Some people might find it hard to believe that you can make a great main course in a half an hour, let alone a whole meal.

Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals are full meals, though, not just a main dish. In fact, they often have a side dish, a salad and even a dessert. Rachel Ray’s recipes are mostly easy enough for even a beginning cook to tackle.

It’s the speed and the simplicity of her recipes that made her show such a hit. She also has cookbooks available with her 30 minute meals. Some of the recipes in the cookbooks haven’t been on the show, but many have.

Rachel’s style also helped make her a hit. She never talks down to her audience, or acts like she’s any different than any home cook. She offers great tips, like using a garbage bowl for scraps. This keeps you from having to constantly go to the trash can and cuts time off your food preparation.

She cooks like a home cook might. Instead of measuring out one or two tablespoons of olive oil, she says “twice around the pan!” This means she takes her bottle of “EVOO” (extra virgin olive oil) and circles the pan twice, which gives just about the right amount of oil for most dishes.

Rachel Ray’s 30 minute meals are all full of enthusiasm for food and cooking. Even if you’re dieting you can start to enjoy the idea of eating again by watching her shows. She encourages good food in moderation, which should be the basis for any healthy eating plan.

If you made her 30 minute meals and ate three or four portions each time, you might have health or weight problems. But using moderation you can even enjoy her richest dishes. And Rachel Ray’s recipes do include some that you wouldn’t want to eat every day.

Many of her meals are laden with cheese. If you’re watching your fat, then you’d want to watch your portion size. And her desserts are usually things you’d want to have only now and then.

Also, some of her recipes are for things like triple cheeseburgers and snack foods that you make yourself for things like Superbowl parties. If you eat moderately most of the time, then you can enjoy these 30 minute indulgences once in a while without blowing your eating plan.

She also uses mostly natural ingredients, making her meals healthier than most recipes you’ll find. Very few ingredients or instructions are complicated. With her 30 minute meals, Rachel Ray gives you fast, easy and nutritious meals that are almost foolproof.

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