30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray – Can You Lose Weight

30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray is a popular Food Network television program. Rachel Ray has taken the world by storm with her different television shows and her cookbooks. Her shows focus on quick, easy meals that are good for you, too. For those who think it’s impossible to spend only 30 minutes on a meal, you need to watch her show.

Sure, you can make 30 minute dishes that are kind of like Rachel Ray’s without doing a lot of cooking. You can buy boxed and packaged foods that only require mixing and throwing in a pan. Some of those only take a few minutes, and then you can walk away and let them cook. Or you can buy frozen foods that only require defrosting or cooking.

But most packaged foods you buy have tons of calories, fat, sodium and other things you probably want to cut down on. It’s hard to lose weight when you’re eating meals out of cans and boxes. Many pre-packaged foods contain MSG. Not only do some people react badly to this flavor enhancer, it’s used to fatten mice and rats for laboratory experiments.

It’s hard to lose weight while consuming this product. If you cook Rachel Ray 30 minute meals, you’ll be using fresher ingredients. This lets you avoid this potentially fattening ingredient most of the time, if not completely.

You’ll also be avoiding the tons of fat and salt that are added to pre-packaged foods to make them taste better. When you’re using fresher ingredients to make your own quick Rachel Ray recipes, you end up with a healthier meal.

You do have to do a little cooking to make these 30 minute recipes. But one whole recipe takes a half an hour! That’s not much more time than you’d spend opening boxes, cans and frozen packages. Even throwing a box of macaroni and cheese onto the stove takes some time. Put your 30 minutes to better use with Rachel Ray’s healthy recipes.

You really can lose weight by following her recipes. Even if you opt to modify some of her recipes a little, you can eat much healthier and still lose weight. That’s because she uses real foods!

Watch Rachel Ray’s show a few times or get her cookbook. You’ll notice that the ingredients are simple foods, usually in their most basic state. She will rarely even used things like jarred sauces. Instead, you’ll use things like crushed tomatoes and spices to make your own, super fast and healthy.

A Rachel Ray recipe for pasta might include things like pasta shells, different cheeses, crushed tomatoes, garlic and a few other basic ingredients. If you follow her instructions, in 30 minutes or less you’ll have a delicious dish with no funky, fake ingredients.

You’ll be more satisfied by the food. Eating will be more enjoyable. And you’ll avoid those fattening additives that are packed into most convenience foods. It’ll be easier to eat healthier and lose weight using recipes from 30 minute meals with Rachel Ray.

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