5 Reasons to Buy a Hitachi UU610 Universal Miter Saw Stand

Those who are in the market for a miter saw stand will find that there are plenty of brands that offer a miter saw stand. These different stands all claim to offer the same benefits as the next; each miter saw stand claims to give you the best work surface for whatever job you bring to the saw.

If you have just purchased a miter saw, you will need to purchase a miter saw stand. It is important for you to find the stand that will get the job done. The stand should provide you with the solid foundation that you need for personal safety while allowing you to complete your task quickly and efficiently. For many, the Hitachi UU610 Universal Miter Saw Stand is the right stand for their miter saw.

There are plenty of reasons for those who are serious about their woodworking jobs to purchase this Hitachi miter saw. If you want to make sure that you are getting the right stand for your needs, however, you should focus on the five majors benefits of this particular saw stand.

1. Stability of your Saw

It is incredibly important for you to stay both safe and accurate with your saw. The only way to truly do so is to have the stability that you need to carefully and precisely make each cut. This universal miter saw stand gives you the ability to make steady, precise cuts.

2. Efficiency Upgrade

You want to make sure that you are as efficiently as possible while you are on the job. The open frame of the work station will help you to keep your products in place as you make each cut. This open frame also makes it easy for you to make your cut, and to swap out pieces as you work. The ability to transition between various pieces at a fast rate increases your overall efficiency.

3. High Capacity and Length

The Hitachi UU160 bench gives you the high capacity that you need to work with quality, heavy materials. This bench has a 500 pound weight limit. It also extends to be able to give you support for up to 20 feet of product.

4. Easy to Travel With

Your UU160 is known for being light weight, making it easy to take with you from one job site to the next. The entire stand weighs less than 40 pounds.

5. Warranty

You should always look for a product that features a warranty; this shows that the company backs their product, and expects it to work properly for its customers. The UU160 comes with a solid 2 year warranty.

These five reasons should help you to understand why you need to purchase the Hitachi UU610 universal miter saw stand. This particular saw stand is clearly superior to many of the saw stands that are available on the market today. If you are looking for a sturdy, safe, and efficient stand that will allow you to use your miter saw with ease, you should consider this stand for your final purchase.

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