5 Mistakes Many Make with Customized Tee Shirts

Customized tee shirts are the perfect types of shirts for those who need to tailor the look and feel of the shirt to their needs. These customized shirts are perfect for groups or teams, as these groups can easily customize shirts to represent their organization.

Unfortunately, many of these different groups make multiple mistakes when they order their shirts. These groups must then go back to the shirt-maker to have these issues corrected. Be sure to understand these five mistakes and what you need to do to avoid these mistakes. It will help you to avoid any possible issues with your own custom order.

Failing to Specify Colors

One of the biggest mistakes that many make revolves around the colors chosen for the actual shirts themselves. If you fail to thoroughly specify the colors that you would like for the shirt, you may be unhappy with the end result. You need to make sure that you are on the same page with the shirt-maker before you green-light the production of the shirts.

Failing to Order Enough/Right Sizes

Others attempt to order the exact number of shirts that they need. Unfortunately, this number is generally off. Someone will take the wrong size shirt, and someone will want a larger shirt. Be sure to have at least one extra of each size to ensure that all members of your group get the size that they need.

Not Double Checking the Design

You need to make sure that you double check your design with the printing company before you give the go-ahead on production of the shirts. After you have submitted your design to the company, ask to go over it with them. If their format changes the look of your design, you will be able to catch the problem and adjust the design accordingly.

Spelling Errors for Individual Customization

If you have words in your design, send the design file to at least three people before you send out your design to the printing company. This will help you to catch any possible spelling errors before the shirts are actually produced.

Failure to Comparison Shop

Many fail to talk to different shops about their shirt order, simply sticking with the one shop that they know. There may be a shop that you have never heard of that can complete your order, with the same quality, for a lower price. Comparison shop your job around to different companies to get the best quality at the best price.

Most of the issues that come with customized tee shirts come from a lack of preparation on the part of the person ordering the shirts. Take the time to focus on the different details of your shirts. If you manage to do so, you will be able to avoid most, if not all, of the mistakes that many make when they order their own shirts.

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