Acquiring Spiritual Abundance and Prosperity

Obtaining spiritual abundance is the gateway to living the life of prosperity that you want to lead. Prosperity isn’t just about money. It involves health, love, happiness and all the good things that you wish to have.

When most people refer to wealth, they have money in their minds. However, Wealth is certainly not measured by money alone, even if this could be an important factor. Wealth is measured by the abundance of a person’s spiritual, mental, and emotional life. And Spiritual abundance manifests itself in health, love, happiness, generosity, peace of mind, and confidence, among numerous other qualities. This is not to be confused with material wealth or possessions such as cars, homes, fame and so forth.

A truely wealthy person is rich both spiritually and materially. And the material side of it usually originates from the spiritual aspect. Many of the most spiritually rich people in the world would not be considered rich by our modern society’s standards. And, similarly, there are many materially rich people who suffer greatly in the spiritual department. They are often sad, angry and always feel that they do not have enough no matter what material possessions they acquire. The goal is to achieve a balance which may seem to be a challenge. It doesn’t have to be.

The first step to achieving this balance is to build up your “abundance awareness”. This is a constant work-in-progress and may take a little bit of “de-programming” of your brain before you can start to see the benefits. Most of us have been trained to think in negative terms. To worry about what has already happened or what will happen. And this is still the prevalent mindset in today’s society. The abundance mindset allows you to life your life in positive, pro-active terms. When you have this type of awareness, you make a choice to look at things in a positive light. If you are currently in financial distress, you will take positive steps to become financially free, rather than focusing on your current state, for example.

Living a genuinely abundant life means enjoying and prospering from the work you love. Those who have spiritual abundance continue to work because they are passionate about what they do and about helping others. They don’t need to work for the financial retribution, but for the spiritual one.

Start to think of money as a type of fuel that fills the person who gives us something we want or need. If you as an individual do not recognize, seek to perfect and share your talents, you are cheating yourself and all the others who can benefit from what you have to offer. Everyone has talent, believe it or not. Everyone. If you haven’t yet recognized yours, it’s time to do so. Think about what others tell you that you are good at or about what you do that you really love doing and find the time to do it. This is a good start to achieving spiritual abundance and prosperity.

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