Spinal Tapping

Most people recognize something like lower back pain to be a sign of work-related stress. This is not something that most people would dispute, though it isn’t something that a number of them would pay that much attention to either. While stress relief methods like exercise and video gaming can go a long way in helping someone relieve the pain, there are other bits of advice one can listen to that can help out in the long run. Preventing back pain can go a long way in improving one’s overall mood and stress levels, though like many things in life, there are many ways to go about doing that.

Treatment for back pain is a massive industry, eating up around $24 million every year. Practically the entire chiropractic “industry” is firmly grounded in treating problems such as back pain. Hollywood and the media frequently make references to it, either in the form of comic interpretations of the hazards of it or the occasional “public interest” segment on news shows. For the most part, these things focus on the triggers and the side effects of such pain, but very little is done to cover the ways to prevent or relieve the symptoms of it. Most people believe that simply maintaining good posture would be enough, but there are other things that need to be kept in mind.

Aside from posture, things like aerobics and stretching are good for lower back pain relief. Things like regularly walking or jogging, swimming, and some exercises involved in weight training programs can all be of great help. The idea behind this is to improve the fitness of the muscles, which in turn can lessen the situations that cause pain. Boosting one’s strength can also help, which is why most doctors would recommend that a person perform exercises that strengthen the entirety of the body, rather than just work on any single area.

A firm mattress is also essential to preventing or relieving back pain. The mattress used should be a comfortable one that will not place undue stress on the back muscles while sleeping. It should also be firm and sturdy, rather than overly soft. Firmer mattresses help in maintaining the natural shape of the spinal column and back muscles, which helps reduce problems. There are also some pillow than can help maintain the natural form of the back, though they often only work for the upper back and shoulder areas. Sleeping position also matters, with lying on one’s side being the most effective position for maintaining proper back posture.

Obesity and poor health clearly have an appreciable effect on the back. As the primary support structure of the body, spinal muscles bear much of the pressure needed to keep the body upright. Poor health practices, excessive weight, and a compromised cardiovascular system can all have damaging effects on the back muscles and cause them to be more prone to weakness and pain. Other things, such as improper lifting technique, neglecting to warm up before engaging in strenuous physical activity, and smoking can all have side effects as well.

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