Aluminum Canoes Verses Other Types of Canoes

For anyone who is considering taking up a new hobby,canoeing, you will either be happy, or sad, to realize that you have many choices of the type of canoe you can get. You can get aluminum canoes, wooden, kevlar, or fiberglass canoes. Each type of canoe has it’s pros and cons and the type you choose will depend on what you want to use it for.

Before you can choose the right type of canoe for you it’s important for you to decide what you are going to use your canoe for. Some people will want a canoe so they can spend a quiet day fishing. For this purpose you will need to have a canoe that is stable and allow a lot of storage space. Another helpful option might be getting a square stern canoe. Having a square stern will make it possible for you to add a small outboard motor which can help you get to your favorite fishing hole much quicker (and you can get home to cook up your catch much quicker too!)

If you are interested in whitewater rafting you will want a smaller, faster more maneuverable style canoe.

If you’re going to take the family on a camping trip you should invest in a bigger, more stable canoe that won’t tip every time one of the kids moves. You’ll also want to have plenty of room to store all the gear that comes with taking the family camping.

Each type of building material for the canoe will also have it’s pros and cons. Wood will be heavy and easily damaged, but it is more traditional and very pretty. Aluminum is more resistant to fading and will be very strong but it’s also quite heavy to haul and it isn’t as maneuverable. you don’t tend to see as many canoes made out of aluminum as you used to since there are more, and many people think better, materials available for building canoes.

Kevlar is another popular choice since it is very lightweight yet strong. The downside is that it’s also quite expensive and it costs a lot to make repairs. It can also be quite prone to fading with exposure to the sunlight.

Aluminum canoes are a great option for those people who might live on a lake property and they don’t have to transport their canoes to another location. Since these canoes are heavy they are very cumbersome to transport. Since aluminum is very weather resistant you can just leave them out year round, or at least during boating season,without a lot of risk of damage.

When it comes time for you to go out and buy a canoe for you and your family to enjoy, just remember that you have a lot of choices. You have to decide the size, style, and materials that best suit your needs. Aluminum canoes can offer a great amount of strength and stability but they can be heavy and difficult to transport. Make sure you carefully consider all of your options first, before you make a purchase.

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