Pre-school learning is an educative partner of the family. Here are some reasons that make kindergarten an extremely important educative factor:

– it creates an environment adequate for children and it puts them in contact helping them become social

– assure a good debut for primary school

– is an environment of protection and passing time with pleasure

Form one kindergarten to the other there are differences regarding the closed and open space children dispose of, the didactic materials, the level of qualification of the teachers and their wish for doing the best they can. Any state or particular kindergarten that is authorized is obliged to offer a good learning process. From the managerial offer of the kindergarten or school, the parents have to find out what are the conditions of life and the environment of the unit, as well as the potential of the personnel.

Directly or indirectly, kindergarten teacher conduct the entire activity of the children. Part of the educative activity is done with the whole group of children, and part is done in stages, with one at a time or with little groups at a time.

The partnership between parents and teachers has to happen. The problems that can come up in such situations vary a lot. Children can come to the kindergarten and have trouble adapting, socially and intellectually both or esthetic and physical. The causes for these things can be discovered by the teachers and parents together. Both the parents of children with difficulties and the ones of children with a normal evolution must be contacted to settle educational programs that involve the family.

Parents can continue at home the educational games their children played in the kindergarten hours, so that the children gain confidence in their power and in the future they can have the initiative when giving answers or volunteering for a game.

The purpose of kindergarten is to make children become social persons, to prepare them for school and to allow them to have fun while they learn. They must be introduce to learning and classrooms at this age, or it will be harder for them be harder to adapt and maintain control once they start primary school.

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