Ancient Mayan Artifacts in the United States Today

If you paid any sort of attention in your World History classes in school, you would remember that the Ancient Mayans were a

civilization in modern day Mexico. Well, you might not have even had to have paid attention in your classes to remember that

bit of history.

However, you may find it ironic that many Mayan artifacts that have been recovered from the ancient civilization’s land is

now for display in the United States. Say what? Yes, many are here in the United States with others on display throughout

the world in places you would never have imagined.

Why? Well, the answer is simple really: educational purposes. Many people learn about the Ancient Mayan civilization in

school but cannot go to Mexico to visit the ruins for themselves. Therefore, the powers that be decided that sending ancient

artifacts on a tour of the United States was a great idea.

It can be, as long as the artifacts are handled nicely and are not damaged. It does gives children and others a chance to

see the artifacts from the land they have only read about and gives them a true visual to go along with their course studies.

Mayan artifacts have been on display in different locations throughout the United States for several years now and some are

even on permanent display in some prominent museums. Opponents of these actions wonder why it makes sense to put something

on display that did not even happen in America, but in Mexico. They do not understand the idealism behind it.

However, there is no idealism behind it. Exhibits of all types have traveled throughout the world for years without trouble

and it brings history to the people. We want to educate others and let the children become global citizens. If they do not

have the money to travel, this gives them they way they can see it for themselves, up close and personal.

As long as the education exhibits are being cared for properly, the touring exhibits are a great educational piece that

should continue to travel around for years to come. The United States should also look in to make traveling exhibits of

some of our finest documents like the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. That way people throughout the

country and world can see it without having to take a trip to Washington D.C. Many people, even people in the United States,

would love to see these things up close but cannot afford a trip to do so. Who knows, it may even inspire some children to

pursue political careers. That would definitely make it worth it.

The educational benefit of these artifacts far outweigh any sort of problems that they bring along with them. It is a great

way for kids to learn, for adults to share and for researchers to show off their work. It is a win-win situation for all

where people learn more than the thought they could.

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