Off the Beaten Path on Guided Tours of England

Most guided tours of England focus on London and yet miss the beautiful and historic places you can go in the rest of

England. It’s a lovely country with lots of history and places in which you can truly have an adventure.

A favorite place for many guided tours of England is Stratford upon Avon. Located on the Avon River, it was the birthplace

of both William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway. You may be able to stay in hotels that date back to the time of William

Shakespeare, see his place of death and surrounding gardens and the Anne Hathaway House.

Guided tours of Stratford upon Avon will take you to Trinity Church where both William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway were

buried and you can see the lovely Hathaway Cottage-a must-see on most guided tours. In addition, Shakespeare’s birthplace

has been turned into a showplace of period furniture that takes you back to the time of his birth in a delightful little


You may also wish to travel to Warwick Castle-another must-see destination on many guided tours. It is perhaps one of the

best preserved old castles in all of England. Located along the Avon River, your tour guide will tell you that the original

castle was built around the year 900 AD. Gradually, parts of the castle were added onto and fortified until it became the

huge and sprawling castle you can see today.

Guided tours of Warwick Castle are available to groups and include the dungeons, the high buttresses, and rooms from various

eras, including the Victorian Era. One of the special features of this castle is that it has been outfitted with wax figures

made from Madame Tussaud’s galleries. There is an entire section of ornately decorated Victorian period rooms, complete

with wax figures.

Often, guided tours will allow you beyond the castle walls and out into the massive gardens and conservatory, where

visitors can have lunch and enjoy the beauty of the gardens. If the weather is right, you will be able to walk among real

peacocks strutting through the gardens. All in all, it is a day worth remembering.

Guided tours that partake of the southern part of England will take you to the famous Stonehenge, built more than two

millennia ago and a favorite tourist attraction. Those who come during the summer or winter solstice should expect that

there will be a crowd there at the crack of first daylight.

Fun guided tours of England will take you to Oxford, home of the famous Oxford University and to Christ Church, where some

aspects of the Harry Potter movies were filmed, including the scenes in the great hall. In fact, you can take an entire

Harry Potter guided tour that will guide you to as many places as possible that were included in the filming of the movie.

After rolling past the many castle ruins, fabulous gardens and quaint British homes on one of the guided tours of England,

you may forget all about London itself. If not, extend your tour into the big city of London-a city that often offers

guided tours involving just those wondrous things you’ll find right there. Take your time and enjoy all that England has

to offer.

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