Are Acne Skin Care And Treatment Products Worth Their Price

People wonder whether acne skin care and treatment products are really necessary if you have problem skin. The answer comes down to a maybe! You should buy some products including the following:

1) Oil free moisturiser, foundation and make up remover
2) Use a facial wash gel or a soap less cleansing bar. Never use soap on your face as it will strip all the oil leaving you with sensitive skin on top of your acne.
3) If you suffer from persistent blackheads and have greasy skin use a skin care gel or lotion product containing retinoid.
4) If you have blackheads and sensitive skin, the gels and lotions will probably aggravate your condition so use a retinoid cream.

You see unless you discover the cause of your acne, then it doesn’t really matter what skin care products you use as it won’t cure the underlying problem.

Acne may be diet related particularly adult acne. Recent studies are looking into why acne in adults in the non westernized world is so rare yet the numbers of people affected in western society is increasing at an alarming rate. One theory gaining momentum is the effect of faddy diets on your skin. Certainly the majority of experts agree that any weight loss plan which excludes a whole food group is best avoided.

Boost your intake of selenium rich foods such as Brazil nuts, cheese, eggs, meats and poultry. Selenium boost your immune function which is critical in fighting the infections that often cause acne to become more difficult to treat.

Vitamin C aids in wound healing so should help to reduce the risk of scarring associated with an acne attack. Foods rich in vitamin C include broccoli, cantaloupe, kiwifruit and blueberries.

Zinc is critical to building your bodies defence system. It helps to fight infection and to repair tissues and cells. But don’t take a zinc supplement before discussing it with your doctor as high levels of zinc are toxic. Instead increase your consumption, within reason, of shellfish, wholegrains, nuts and seeds.

Did you know that people who have problem skin are more likely to touch their face and spots? If this is you, you need to break this habit as you risk spreading infection.

If you feel a pimple coming up, try rubbing a piece of apple over the new spot. Pour boiling water over a slice of apple and leave to cool. While still warm put it onto the spot and leave for 20 minutes or so. Then gently wipe the area dry with some cotton wool.

If you get acne on your forehead, try sleeping with your hair tied back from your face. The excess oil in hair together with the styling products you use may be contributing to the problem. This is especially true if you wear bangs (a fringe).

Once you put the above tips into practice, you will probably find that any acne skin care and treatment product you buy will be much more effective.

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