Swallow To Glow – A Holistic Approach To Skin Health

The skin is the largest organ in the body. It defends against disease and infection, regulates temperature and even aids in vitamin production. Keeping skin healthy is crucial for beauty and general health, even if most of us are interested in knowing how to keep skin looking healthy, rather than really keeping it healthy. The … Read more

Smoking and Mortality Rates

Many health professionals are encouraging smokers to quit smoking because of the harm that it may bring to their health. Smoking continues to be one of the major causes of illness and death around the world. Medical studies show that smoking-related ailments may kill close to 50 percent of all smokers and impair the health … Read more

Skin Care – Acne Cosmetics Can Cause Further Problems

We all know if we have acne right? Well actually, acne is often misdiagnosed. People who suffer from Rosacea often think they have acne but they are two distinct conditions which require different treatments. Using the wrong skin care, acne cosmetics in particular on Rosacea will often cause your condition to worsen. So when are … Read more

Ablation Varicose Veins – Relax I’ts Not Invasive

Even though there have been new procedures introduced recently to treat varicose veins, surgical ablation varicose veins is still considered the standard way to treat them. The definition of ablation is: The surgical removal of an organ, structure, or part. The veins in the lower legs have valves that defy gravity and help “push” the … Read more

A Simple Act of Hand Washing Can Go a Long, Long Way!

Hand washing has become a part of our culture. Hand washing and other hygienic practices are taught at every level of school, advocated in the work place, and emphasized during medical training. According to the United States Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), “Hand washing is the single most important means of preventing the … Read more