Breast Augmentation Surgery Tips Before Becoming A Triple D

Most people think of breast augmentation surgery as a way for a woman to get bigger breasts, strictly cosmetic in nature. And while that is a very popular reason for the surgery, there are also many times a woman has misshapen or uneven breasts so she will choose to have the surgery to make her breasts even in size or more symmetrical in shape.

No matter what the reason is for having the surgery, there are some things you should know about before you make up your mind. Here is a list of some of the things to consider about enhancement surgery:

1. Breast enhancement will be performed by a cosmetic surgeon. It is can either be done in the doctors office or at the hospital as an outpatient procedure. Of course, as with all surgeries, there is always the risk of complications such as a bad reaction to the anesthesia or an infection.

2. Make sure that you carefully choose the surgeon who will perform your surgery. Ask for referrals and make sure the surgeon is a board certified cosmetic surgeon.

3. The FDA has lifted the ban on silicone implants due to advances in the design. While the ban was in place, all implants were filled with saline, salt water. This is safe if the implant should leak, but the feel isn’t as natural as the silicone variety. Saline filled implants can also ripple which will cause ‘ridges’ on the breast and they don’t have the same natural feel as a silicone implant does.

4. You can go virtually as big as you want to go, but it’s important to keep your overall body size and frame in mind. To put it bluntly, if you go too big you’ll look like a freak or a porn star… maybe both. Try to keep it a natural size. Going too big can also cause back problems later in life.

5. Occasionally an implant will break or move which will require additional surgery to make repairs. If you opt for the higher setting ‘globe’ shape they are less likely to move out of place than the more natural looking teardrop shape.

6. Barring any unforeseen side effects, such as an infection, most woman will heal quickly. In most cases a woman can return to any non-strenuous job or lifestyle within around a week. You may have to hold off for a while on any strenuous activity for a while, particularly weight lifting and kick boxing. Of course your surgeon will tell you when you can resume all your normal activities.

Some pain at the incision line is normal and could last a few weeks. Tightness in your chest is also a normal side effect for several weeks after surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is a big step and shouldn’t be undertaken without carefully reviewing all the pros and cons. It’s also very important to take time to interview several surgeons and carefully review all their credentials. A good surgeon is often the difference between a great looking, natural augmentation and a disastrous result.

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