Build Reptile Cage

If you have decided to build a reptile cage for your new pet then you are not alone. Many new owners make the decision to construct one versus buying from a dealer or pet store. As long as you do some due diligence before you start, it can be a fun project.

First, you have to choose the right material. Most reptiles need plenty of moisture or a water source other than for drinking. Take this into consideration- especially for the bottom of the structure. The best choice here should be vinyl or plastic as it will not rot due to excessive moisture from water, condensation, or excrement.

Wood is generally not a good idea. It can damage the skin of some reptiles and is even poisonous to others. Glass or Plexiglas is the best options since they have so many benefits. They are easy to clean, resist mildew and mold well and offer an excellent vantage point for onlookers.

The size of the structure is crucial for a good habitat. Don’t be concerned with having a structure that is too large. Giving your pet an extra amount of room is good for them. Too small of an area will cause them undue stress, which can actually kill some animals.

The most important thing to remember is plenty of ventilation. You might have to play with this aspect for awhile to get it just right but, in the end, it is a vital part of a livable habitat.

If there is a need to reach in alot to clean or refill water, etc., make sure the sides are low enough that you can easily touch the bottom without the need for a stool or chair. This inconvenience will get old quickly and is not a safe practice either.

You will need some type of lamp or row of lamps for both heating purposes and for display reasons. This is also an area where you will have to tinker with it until you get it just right. Having a thermometer close by is necessary so that your animal maintains the proper body temperature for their health.

If you do a good enough job, you can build reptile cages for others and even get references. Once you build the first one you can witness your mistakes and improve on the design for the next one. Once word gets around you can become the expert for housing for reptiles, or even other animals, too.

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