Can Affirmations End Binge Eating Disorder?

It is proven that affirmations help to reprogram one’s mind. When one repeats an affirmation over and over, the subconscious picks up on it as the present reality. Does this mean that people have the ability to completely turn around their life as they know it? In one word: yes.

You can co-create your world to your own specifications. You want a better relationship? Start telling yourself that you deserve it. Once you have heard this for so long, your mind will not settle for anything else. You want a better job? Learn to say affirmations about your passions and watch how many doors open in your direction.

Now, what if you want to end your binge eating habit? Although this may sound tricky, there is nothing tricky about it. Truth is, when you boldly affirm your thoughts to yourself and to the Universe, you will get what you want in time. For example, you can say “My body is a healthy temple.” As with any subject that you affirm, your mind is changing and will not accept anything less. You will start to regard your body as sacred and will not want to damage it in any way. A newfound respect will start to flourish within you. You will start to think twice about what food you fill your body with. Before eating, you will wonder what nourishment will enter your body from eating that food.

As all binge eaters know, it is not about being hungry and wanting food. No, you eat because you are numbing your feelings toward a particular subject. What if you start to affirm that you are capable of handling those difficult situations that cause you to binge? Your mind might just start to believe what you are saying and this will make the binging slow down. Of course, it won’t get rid of it overnight, but it will cause you to become more aware of what you say and what you think. It will cause you to really think about the type of food you are feeding your soul.

When your thoughts on binging and on yourself start to improve, your life with follow in the same direction. The new love and respect that you have for your body will guide you away from any binges. You will learn to supplement your negative feelings with positive ones. Ultimately, this is the beginning of your end to changing your food habits and getting rid of Binge Eating Disorder. Start believing in yourself and only wanting the best for yourself and watch how things will start to shift in your life.

By: Kristin Gerstley

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