Cremation Casket Can Be Specially Made

Funerals are not something that most of us think about, that is until we’re forced to think about them due to the loss of a loved one. It’s for that reason that few people truly understand all the options that are available when it comes to planning a funeral. Of course, if your loved one left instructions this process can be much easier, but if not than you will have to try to figure out what you think they would like.

The two choices are between burial and cremation and even within these two broad categories you will need to make many choices. One of the most important choice to make when it comes to cremation is what type of cremation casket you should get.

When it comes to cremation, most people immediately think about a urn. This is where the ashes can be kept after the cremation, or they can be transported in a urn to wherever you are planning on spreading them. But many families prefer the more traditional visitation and service that is generally performed during a burial funeral. If you want to have a visitation, you will need a place to put the deceased so that friends and family can pay their last respects, and for this you will need a casket.

One option is to plan on buying a casket for the visitation and than letting the deceased remain in the casket during the cremation process, the casket will be cremated with the body and will become part of the ashes. After cremation you can then store, or transport, the ashes in a urn. This will allow the best of both worlds, the opportunity to have a viewing of the deceased and the ability to store their ashes.

If this is the option you are planning on going with, remember that you can actually save hundreds, perhaps thousands, of dollars by investing in a casket that is specifically made to be used in the cremation. The casket may not be quite as ornate, but it can still be very beautiful. Of course, even in the case of cremation, you can still go all out and get a very elaborate, and expensive, casket. The choice is up to you.

When looking for a cremation casket you may find that you can get a beautiful casket at a beautiful price when shopping online. Generally speaking the caskets that the funeral home sell tend to cost more than comparable caskets sold online or in a casket shop. It’s against the law for a funeral home to refuse to use a casket you have purchased somewhere else so don’t let them tell you otherwise.

Just remember that you need to also add in the cost of shipping and if you have to expedite the shipping the cost will be even more and could very well balance out any savings. Also make sure you are only dealing with reputable companies who will have the casket at the funeral parlor at the proper time, this is not the time to deal with unscrupulous businesses, you have enough on your mind already.

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