Custom Built Poker Tables – Looking Sharp

If you love your poker nights so much that you just can’t live without custom built poker tables than as long as you have deep pockets, you’re in luck. You can choose from many different options and get the table that will impress your friends, even if it doesn’t improve your game! Going online and checking out the many sites that offer this level of customization should be your first move.

When you get online you’ll want to figure out just what features you want, then you can compare prices from one company to another, apples to apples. Here are some of the options you’ll have available to you, give each item some thought so you know just what options to choose:

1. Size. You can get tables in various sizes and shapes. Decide what size you have room for as well as how many players you have at your weekly games. Certain shapes and sizes will work better for some types of games. Figure out what your needs are and start there.

2. Next you need to decide what type of wood you want your custom built poker tables to be made out of. Most of the places will give you the choice of oak and cherry, though some companies will offer you more options.

3. What type of fabric you want for your playing surface. You’ll usually have the choice between velour and felt. You will also have the option of many different colors. So consider where you are going to place your table so you can choose the proper colors. Next, what color do you want on the padded armrest? Again you’ll have the choice of many colors and it will usually be some sort of vinyl.

4. Most manufacturers will also give you the choice of the style and type of material that the decorative nail head trim that will be around the edge of the armrest is. Again, take your overall style and colors into consideration when making this choice.

5. If your table has lights underneath the armrest this is another color option that you can make. Just be careful that you take all the options into consideration so you don’t get a horrible hodge podge look.

6.Style size and material of your drink holders. There are stainless, brass and copper choices. You can also choose the size you want. There are small and large sizes of cup holders available. You can also get plastic cup holders that usually don’t have any additional charge. Aluminum cup holders will usually give you several color choices.

With so many choices it can be a little overwhelming so before you set off on your quest to get just the right poker table do yourself a favor and take a look around your home. Figure out what room you want to put your table in and then coordinate all aspects of your custom built poker tables design with your room and with all the other elements in the design. Taking the time to do this will give you one heck of an awesome looking poker room!

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