Different Searches For Sewing Cabinets

I wondered where the people that are currently using Google to search for sewing cabinets live. So, I used a new Google tool called Google Trends to find out.

It is reported on the Google Trends search result for sewing cabinets that people in Seattle, Washington search for this most. The second city was Dallas, Texas. I actually can’t think of two more different places.

The third city in my Google Trends search ranking city locations of people looking for sewing cabinets was San Francisco, California. The fourth city on the list was Atlanta, Georgia.

Seven of the nine results for my sewing cabinets Google Trends search were United States cities. The two cities that were not in the United States were London and Sydney. Changing the view of the Google Trends search results for sewing cabinets from cities to regions showed the United States as a clear winner.

On the Google Trends search result page, there is a place for current news stories about the search term. There were no news stories for a search of sewing cabinets.

The Yahoo Shopping website has 710 results appear when you search for sewing cabinets. They have sponsored results at the top of the page that include Jo Ann and SewingTableShop.com.

The companies that have results in my Yahoo Shopping sewing cabinets search include Sears and West Furnishings and are sorted by something called Top Results. I selected the option to sort the results by price and the cheapest item appeared at the top of the page by default.

The top result when sorted by price was for a sewing machine pull for treadle sewing cabinets. The most expensive result was for a canopy bed. I really don’t understand that result.

Koala seems to be a huge name in sewing cabinets. I’ve never heard of Koala sewing cabinets before and visited their website. They are apparently really nice sewing cabinets made in Australia. There is no mention of what makes them so special.

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