Sewing Accessories Search On

I used to search for sewing accessories. is The Mother of All Search Engines. I don’t usually use, but I have a friend that swears by it.

They layout of my search results for sewing accessories is really easy on the eyes. It isn’t especially cluttered. There are options in a small column on the right for refining my search.

The three suggestions that are listed for refining my search for sewing accessories are sewing notions, needlework supplies and sewing machine accessories. There are also four sponsored links at the top of the page of sewing accessories search results.

Seventy six results came in for sewing accessories on The first result was for Jenny’s Sewing Studio. They sell retail sewing machines. They appear to specialize in Singer machines and refer to the Singer sewing machines as their life blood.

Jenny’s Sewing Studio does not just maintain an online presence; they operate a brick and mortar store in Salisbury, Maryland. The website itself is not especially fancy, but has links to many more things than just sewing accessories. The “What’s New” link took me to three very nice sewing machines.

The second result for sewing accessories on is for a United Kingdom company called Sewing Machine Sales. This doesn’t seem like a creative name, but it is very descriptive. They have seven different brand logos for sewing machines on their main page for their website.

At the bottom of the page of sewing accessories search results, there were two more sponsored links. The first link was for, which I’ve used before and like and the other link was for I used the link to the website and really liked the layout and design elements. The website was easy to navigate.

Links from my search results for sewing accessories took me to This does not surprise me in the least. turns up everywhere when I am looking for just about any information. It doesn’t really seem to matter what the topic is, has something to say about it.

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