Firetruck Beds – Exciting Toddler Beds

Does your toddler like fire trucks? If they do how about getting them one of the firetruck beds available. Toddler beds come in all shapes an sizes and are usually less expensive than a regular bed. They are the perfect size for your toddler and makes use of the same mattress that you used in the crib.

How do you know if your toddler is ready for a bed? Well, probably your best clue is if your toddler is climbing out of his crib. If this is happening it is probably time to go pick out one of the firetruck beds for him. Safety is an aspect that should be at the forefront when choosing a bed for your toddler. A bed is safer because it sits closer to the ground than the crib. Cribs are made for ease of the parents lifting the baby out of the crib. Because of this, the mattress is higher off the ground than in a bed.

Beds in the shapes of cars, trucks and such are great when it comes to getting your toddler to go to bed every night. You want your toddler to be comfortable and safe at the same time. If you use the same mattress that you used in the crib, your toddler will have the same level of comfort that they had in the crib and if you attach safety rails you will have the peace of mind in knowing they are safe and will not fall or roll out of their bed at night.

If you have limited space toddler beds are perfect because they are not the same size as a regular bed. They take up much less space and if you have more than one child in the same room having more than one smaller bed in the room is a great space saving solution.

Being closer to the ground than the crib makes it easier for your toddler to get in and out of the bed without having to cry for help. Make sure to have a good routine in place so your toddler knows that bedtime means sleep and not play. You may have to deal with your toddler coming in your room at night right at first and until they get used to their own bed. Just gently encourage your toddler back to their bed and reinforce the fact that this is their very own bed and they need to sleep in it by themselves.

When your toddler gets older and they need to share a room with a sibling you can even graduate to a bunk bed configuration to save even more space. Bunks beds are convenient and have twin mattresses so you will need to buy the mattresses also when buying the bunk beds.

Toddler beds, whether for a boy or a girl come in designs that either one will like. Boys’ bed designs come in the most popular car designs or cartoon character designs and if that car just happens to be a cartoon character then so much the better. Other shapes like plane beds, train beds and firetruck beds are all available to spark the imagination of your child and keep them going to bed comfortably every single night.

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