Your Friendly Neighborhood Enema

The enema was originally conceived as a sort of medical procedure, though one that was not entirely pleasant to undergo. Digestive discomfort and constipation were the primary problems that the procedure was designed to deal with, though there may be other conditions that require the use of one. Since then, thanks to the spreading availability of ways to administer an enema outside of a medical setting, they have been used in a number of ways that the original inventor likely did not intend. It is doubtful that the man responsible for the enema even conceived of some of the more “intimate” uses his creation might have, such as being a sexual health supplement.

The mechanics of an enema involve introducing a liquid into the rectum and colon via the anus. Originally conceived as a medical procedure, there can be any number of reasons why people would enjoy it being used as a sexual health supplement. The reasons can range from the male enjoying how it stimulates the prostate gland to virtually anyone somehow finding pleasure in the prospect of having an assortment of liquids pumped into their body through an orifice that traditionally goes the other way around. Still others find that an enema can be a good means of preparation before partaking of anal intercourse, as a means of removing fecal matter and minimizing the chances of infection. Finally, others find it to trigger mild levels of dominance and submission in participants, making it a possible sexual health supplement for people who like that sort of thing.

As a form of dominance-submission play, the use of an enema as a sexual health supplement is relatively mild and ordinary. This is particularly true if one realizes that there are alternatives out there that are much, much less in line with the normal thing. Regardless, the increasing use of enemas as a part of some couple’s sexual escapades has prompted the “sex toys” market to sell out home enema kits, along with a number of similar products. These products can have a wide range of types, with some looking almost like the medical tools used for the procedure, while others have decided to add a little “spice” to the design, without sacrificing the functionality. There is a wide variety of liquids that can be used in an enema. The most obvious choice would be water, but some couples might find that to be too mundane for their purposes. Some of them use liquids similar to water, such as alcohol or coffee (most experts find that organic, ground coffee works better than the instant sort), while others may use more exotic liquids in their enemas. For a number of couples, the use of an enema is less a matter of what liquid is being introduced into the body, and more a matter of the position of the body and the enema. Apparently, some positions have a deeper psychological impact than others, heightening the sense of pleasure that both dominants and sub missives get out of the act.

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