Formula One Auto Racing Teams

Whether you have just gotten started in the auto racing business or you have been involved with racing events throughout your life, chances are that you already know about the Formula One races that take place. There are many reasons why people all over the world consider Formula One auto racing to be the safest of all auto races in the world, but one of those reasons is that there are so strict of guidelines and rules to follow when building and manufacturing a car for the purpose of racing it. Nevertheless, though, fun is always had at Formula One auto racing events, and the drivers, teams, and participants of the race always fight to the win. There are some important new teams to the Formula One auto races and many of these teams have not yet won a World Championship. On the other hand, many of these teams have already raced at numerous Grand Prix events, and the competition is sure to be a fierce one. Here are some of the more popular teams in the Formula One field:


There are two individuals who are part of the Renault team for the auto racing Formula One events; however, neither of them has gotten a hold of the World Championship. The first driver, Heikki Kovalainen, has experienced several Grand Prix events, although that is nothing compared to how many his partner has entered throughout the years. Kovalainen’s partner, Giancarlo Fisichella, has entered over 150 Grand Prix events. This team is sure to be of a success with Fisichella’s know-how put together with his partner.


Even though neither of the drivers for the Ferrari team has won a World Championship yet, it’s important to note that Ferrari has made 14 wins of the World Championship so far during the Formula One auto racing events ever since they have started racing cars. For the 2007 Formula One auto racing events Ferrari is using a 056 engine, which definitely has done them well!

A couple of the other teams for the Formula One auto races are McLaren-Mercedes and BMW. It’s important to note that McLaren-Mercedes has won several Formula One auto racing championships, however, BMW has not won any since their debut just over 13 years ago. But perhaps the more important issue when it comes to Formula One racing is not the drivers that are part of the team, but how the drivers handle themselves during the auto racing events. For starters, part of what matters is how the cars are handled as well as how they’re used. Furthermore, another issue that matters while auto racing are the type of parts that are placed in the vehicle while it’s being built. No one single auto racing individual is able to win a Formula One racing event if they don’t have the combination of a successful handling of the car, along with the right materials for the automobile.

All in all, though, Formula One racing has long been a popular form of auto racing that has attracted many famous individuals to the events. Whether you are a professional with the auto racing industry, though, or you are an auto racing lover at heart, chances are that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for in the Formula One auto racing events of the year!

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