The end of the year might often bring personal revising for many companies. The immediate consequence will be firing people. So that a similar managerial decision will not get to you unprepared, here are some signals you should watch out for.

1. The consultant.

The consultant is that person that comes to reevaluate and to make plans for the distribution of personnel. Sometime, his job can be to tell who stays and who goes from that moment on. His presence is a sign you should have your CV at hand – you will have to convince him of your abilities in the new created structures or, if the situation requires, you will need to convince another employer of your professional abilities.

2. Closed-door meetings.

It can often happen over night; in a department where the boss used to apply the open-doors policy and all of a sudden he appears to be all the time in meeting with his superiors, there for sure something different is going to happen. You can think of asking him directly if they are going to take measures of reducing the number of employees. Experts and practice show that you won’t get a clear answer. There are managers that denied this possibility in front of a large group of people, although later it was proven to be true.

3. A new boss.

If the department you are working n is coordinate by a new manager, then it is highly possible that he will bring along his own team – people with whom he had worked before and therefore trusts. Maybe you professional level is high and no one can argue with that, but the new boss doesn’t know you abilities. This situation doesn’t occur all the times ( the top-manager can accept him in the new position on the condition that he keeps the old team) but then the decision of the manager is heading to this direction, the replacements will not be made at once, but throughout a longer period of time.

4. Change in responsibilities.

Some experts say that if your responsibilities change over short periods of time, without a prior evaluation (that normal brings decisions linked to promotion or salary rise), and the new position is presented as a true opportunity, but you know very well that no one wants that job, then you should keep your eyes wide open. if, on the contrary, you are given less and less work and it seems as if no project is for you or a whole bunch of meeting you would be interested in are organized without your knowing, then maybe it is time to invest in the perfect suit for a job interview.

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