How to Become a Psychic

For individuals interested in metaphysics and spirituality, the desire and question of how to become a psychic can become a large issue. Everyone has psychic abilities, but knowing how to approach refining those abilities can become a lifetime quest for people with a special interest in the paranormal and metaphysics.


One of the doorways to psychic ability is learning how to focus your abilities and attention. Meditation is an excellent way to hone this particular skill. While there are many ways to meditate, at their core is teaching your mind to be quiet and still and allow your spirits and guides to come forward and be heard.

A simple meditation is to focus on breathing slowly and evenly, letting thoughts flow and slowly recede to the background. This may take a great deal of practice before you can accomplish it without being easily distracted, but meditating regularly will help you refine natural psychic abilities.

Focus Attention

One way to enhance your natural psychic abilities is to learn to focus your attentions. As you are learning to meditate and how to enter a psychic state, it helps if you use a tool to focus your attention. Two basic methods are focusing your attention on a bowl of water and focusing on the flame of a burning candle.

Both of these methods follow the same basic method. Turn the lights down so that your eyes are able to focus on their bowl of water or the candle flame. As you stare at the water or flame, let your eyes blur but keep your attention focused. Allow your breathing to slow. As you practice this method you will discover that you spend longer amounts of time in a psychic state without realizing it.

Welcome Silence

One of the barriers to psychic information and communication is business and mind chatter. Modern life is full of noise and distractions. One way to reach around mind chatter and focus your attention is to walk openly into a state of silence. This means sitting in quiet surroundings, focusing your attention and letting your mind be open to whatever will come to you. With practice, silence will become your friend and a state you are easily able to enter when you find you need to access your psychic abilities.

Record Your Experiences

Very often, when we have psychic experiences we do not initially recognize them. As a result, it becomes important to regularly write about your meditations and information that comes through you during times of quiet focused attention. Also, as you refine your abilities you may find that your dreams become more vivid and you may even have precognitive dreams. By recording your dreams every morning, you may discover that unexpected answers to questions come to you or that you begin sensing events or information before you are aware of asking about those very events.


A great many people have psychic abilities to some degree. In order to learn how to become a psychic, you need to learn how to focus your attention and sit in the silence to hear your own still quiet voice.

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