How to Build a Reptile Cage

Making the decision to own a reptile is a big responsibility. Caring for it properly means having the right structure for its home. Many people make the decision to construct their own. But you have to know how to make a reptile cage properly for your new pet in order for it to be a success.

Before you start construction you have to know what you will be housing and what its needs will be. Each type of animal has certain requirements and if they are not met precisely then there could be trouble- for you, and especially the pet. Research is crucial to determine what exactly needs to be in place to make the transition smoother.

The outside of the unit should be glass or, if it is available, Plexiglas. This is easier to see inside and much easier to maintain cleanliness. The top should be wire mesh or a wire grate to allow sufficient ventilation and to accommodate a lamp- if one is needed. Using plastic or glass for the top could become too hot or easily damaged.

The bottom of the structure is probably the part requiring the most detail. It should be sturdy enough to support the weight of everything, but it also needs to be vinyl or plastic. Even if it is covered with grass, mulch or other material, the bottom should be plastic so that it is much simpler to clean. And it eliminates moisture from rotting out the bottom.

You will undoubtedly want access to an electrical outlet, albeit for a lamp, pump, fan, etc. Also keep in mind that the unit needs to have enough room to be accessed for cleaning. Making sure that it is the focal point of the room it will be occupying is also crucial.

It is essential that you know what your animal’s needs will be as some can be quite explicit. If your animal requires plenty of room for climbing then take that into consideration when constructing the unit. If a standing water supply is necessary make sure there is ample room for it. Above all, every animal likes its own secluded spot to get away from onlookers. Give them a private retreat where they can feel safe. Stress can actually kill some animals.

When you start researching how to build a reptile cage you will see that there is a lot to take in. But being properly prepared will give you and your new friend a long happy relationship together.

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