Inexpensive Broadway Tickets

When it comes to going to see a show on Broadway, the excitement can be overwhelming. However, the cost of seeing a show can also be quite concerning as the tickets can often be priced very high. For this reason, inexpensive Broadway tickets have become sought after in recent years.

Before embarking upon the process of getting tickets, it is important to understand all of the options available. For example, there are actually discount codes that are available for many kinds of Broadway shows if you just know where to look. They are often given out for marketing purposes in order to generate extra sales.

There is also an area called the half price ticket stand where visitors can buy tickets that are only good for the same day. One is located in Times Square while the other is at the South Street Seaport.

Another way to get inexpensive Broadway tickets is to do standing room only, often called SRO. You don’t have a guarantee of getting a seat but the ticket prices are usually at an 80% discount. You might have to stand for the whole show, so it is important that you know that in advance.

Sometimes you can buy inexpensive Broadway tickets by getting them as an audience appreciation prize or even through student and charity events. In addition, you have the option of going to things like the Wednesday matinee as a way to save money. The discount isn’t overly great, but it will save you some money overall.

Make sure to get on the lists for particular theater’s and ticket outlets as you might be able to get email alerts to tell you when shows are being discounted. Sometimes they will offer tickets at a great discount because of excess ticket inventory for certain shows.

Group discounts is another way find inexpensive Broadway tickets too. You can often get $5-$20 off each ticket with groups of 10 or more people.Putting larger groups of people together for an event will also give you better bargaining power when it comes to ticket prices.

One of the biggest keys to getting inexpensive Broadway tickets is to be flexible and ready to go at a moment’s notice.You might have to go at the last minute, stand up for the whole show or even stand in line, but the rewards of seeing a top quality show will far outweigh the inconvenience you might experience.

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