Moab Mountain Biking Takes Biking to the Extreme

If you enjoy mountain biking there is no better place to enjoy it than in Moab, Utah. Moab mountain biking is among the top places to bike anywhere. The unique red rocks give biking here a whole new look and feel. There are many different terrains that make Moab mountain biking both challenging and exciting.

Known for extreme sports Moab mountain biking areas have become the place where all extreme mountain bikers long to come. All mountain bike enthusiasts will appreciate the beauty of this fun place to bike. There are trails that are perfect for every rider from beginners to the most advanced cyclists.

Moab mountain biking is located in Utah. Plan to start your visit by stopping at the Moab Adventure Center. Here you’ll find information on all of the many trails including distance and ratings along with maps. You can also get a guided tour of the rides of your choice. Those who are inexperienced riders may want to start with the Courthouse Loop ride. Another great ride for beginners is the Canyonlands Sunrise ride. Mountain bikers with intermediate skills will enjoy Klondike Bluffs and Bartlett Wash rides.

The most famous of the Moab mountain biking trails is also the hardest. Slickrock bike trail is almost ten miles of extreme biking experience. It is considered by some to be the one trail that serious mountain bikers must experience. This trail is not for the timid – you’ll need excellent technical skills to get through this one.

All the Moab mountain biking trails offer spectacular views and scenery. You’ll enjoy the red rocks that make this area truly unique. From the canyons to the mesa the spectacular vistas are a treat. The terrain here is varied and provides the unique capability to offer many different riding experiences. The terrain and scenery are what give this area it’s reputation as a must see place for every serious mountain biker.

There is plenty to do and see besides Moab mountain biking sports. Plan your daily rides to allow for time to sightsee. There are two national parks close by along with national forests and wetlands. This diverse area is filled with natural wonders that the whole family will want to see. Along with Moab mountain biking there are also other fun and interesting sports that you can participate in. Among the nearby sports are ballooning, horseback riding, hiking, skydiving and golfing. There is something for everyone in the area.

The Moab Information Center located in town has information about all the local attractions and restaurants. You can also prepare for your Moab mountain biking experience by purchasing the trail maps or guides of the place you want to bike. Be sure to plan your trails by keeping in mind the skills of the bikers. If necessary break into two groups so that each can have a more challenging experience. Keep in mind that the trails are very picturesque and therefore will be enjoyable for everyone.

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