Rhianna gets her husband back

Rita and Bill’s marriage anniversary was disturbing. 40 years together seemed to be too much but when Bill looked back over their fate together it seemed as though it had passed too rapidly.

They still sat and gazed at one another wondered, passion oozing from every pore. They had always exercised a ardent sex life constantly practising and dressing up for one another Bill was convinced that this was the cause they had such an incredible couple they liked proving new sexual activities and were usually searching new ways to animate one another. Evidently that was altered as they got older but, in comparison with some of his golfing buddieswho always said that their ladies were frigid, Bill had no such problem. At 66 Rita was still gorgeous and although the years had taken their toll, overall they had been kind and she had kept her long firm legs, trim figure and friendly smile.

Bill desired her so much and really desire to thank her for all the years of passion and good moments that she had offered him. He had a weekend to go and set about designing a trip to Paris and a romantic dinner, followed by a night in a luxurious hotel with all the trimmings!

He had some doubts about his prostate function as he saw the doctors for check up. Plans were at first place on his mind and he barely listened when the healthcare provider told him that he had a prostate disease.

Suddenly the words, “Problems getting an erection,” destroyed his plans.

“What?” he shouted, astonished. “How long will this last?” The GP illustrated that he should only wait for healing by using the medicine and then with any luck he would experience erections again.

Life without sex? Bill was dismayed he knew he had enjoyed sex for a long time, but frankly he didn’t want to give up. He restored his composure and asked the doctor if there were any drugs on the market that may support him and the GP told him about Viagra.

with some data, went home to remedy his problem. Without getting depressed, he straight away discovered a website presenting generic Viagra and also generic Cialis, which seemed to last for a whole weekend. Bill felt raised his spirit, this would not even mark as a malfunction on his sexual record he was certainly not afraid to get help when he needed it and he wasn’t humiliated at all “Such is life when you are retired,” he thought to himself.

“This may even be funny!”

He went on with his plans and took his new drugs, and also some generic Viagra when required and the month passed pleasantly.

his strategies were perfect. Rita was speechless and touched him for the whole flight to Paris. When they arrived, the hotel was so modern and Bill had purchased champagne and flowers and chocolate-covered cherries they were like young people on their honeymoon. Bill looked at Rita’s shimmering face and felt happy that he had her in his life what a weekend they had. As the moonlight covered them as they walked along the Seine to their hotel, Bill was self-confident that he could still act like a young guy when it really mattered and he kissed Rita as he had never kissed before

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