Rival Cool Touch Deep Fryer – It Really Is Cool

Fried food tastes great but is not always the healthiest choice we can make for ourselves. Sometimes though, you just gotta have it. If you do not want to always have to go out for your fried comfort foods then you may want to check out the rival cool touch deep fryer. This cooker will allow you to get your deep fried fix right at home.

Rival’s 3 liter deep fryer is one of their most popular models available. The Rival cool touch deep fryer, as the name suggests, has a cool touch feature that means the outer surfaces of the fryer do not get hot during operation. this is such an important feature especially in any ome where there are young children present. No noe wants to get a nasty burn while preparing dinner. It also has removable, dishwasher safe parts that mean they are easier and more convenient to clean.

You do not want or need any appliance for use at home that is unwieldy, difficult to use or messy. Other features of this fryer are a timer, an adjustable thermostat, a magnetic power cord and indicator lights to tell you when the deep fryer has reached it’s optimal temperature. With it’s large capacity you can cook quite a bit of food at the same time. This will make dinner time much less stressful since you won’t be cooking for hours on end.

With a multitude of places you can use your deep fryer, you will have to consider just where you are going to use your fryer so you can choose the options accordingly. For example, if you don’t have a lot of room you will most likely want to get a smaller counter top model. The same can be true if you want to use your deep fryer outside on your patio or deck.

Another thing you may want when you get a deep fryer is a thermometer. Most deep fryers will have temperature controls built in, but in some cases they don’t really give you the exact temperature readings you need in order to ensure that the food will turn out properly. You will also need to ensure that the oil temperature returns to the optimum cooking temperature between each batch that you cook.

If you are cooking a lot of food, you will need to cook it in batches in even the largest of fryers. The oil will lose temperature when cooking so if you don’t let the oil return to the proper temerature before you put the next batch of food in it, your food will not cook properly.

Deep frying your food is a great way to add some zing to your weekly menus. With all the models available the rival cool touch deep fryer will meet many of the requirements for most people. Just keep in mind that deep fryers aren’t all the same, so find the one that have the features that will serve your needs the best…and for the right price.

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