ROBOT Doctors KILL not Cure

What is it coming to when we are not safe in the hands of the proxy miracle workers i.e. doctors and nurses?

Fear today of an act of terrorism or being involved in some misfortunate event, like victim to a vicious assault or god forbid a car accident does not end here, it is prolonged furthermore after admitted into hospital.

It is sad to say that more and more patients are popping off under the hands of medical staff.

Through medical negligence approx 2 billion is paid in compensation to bereaved families.

Why are these acts of gross indecency allowed to continue where doctors/nurses persist to administer drug overdoses or fail to unblock breathing apparatus? Many blunders are overlooked and ignored by bereaved parents or families because they believe the doctors did all they could.

Was that patient put into an early grave?

Our medical profession do their best but as long as the government carry on ignoring the warning signs then they will have to keep signing those compo checks, of which I hasten to add that us tax payers may well be putting our signature too.

An urgent injection of more funds into our national health system is needed. If not expect to say your last farewells before the patient gets taken down to theatre. Our national health department is deteriorating just like the health of the ill.

Two reasons behind this medical fiasco and one is not enough financial backing. Our doctors/nurses are out there saving lives. It is what they do best and are good at but heaven forbid these people are not robots; they were not born with an extra pair of hands but are still expected to do the work of two.

Employing more staff is a definite solution to take the pressure off those who are programmed to work work and more work. Many hands make light work

Secondly is the government taking the necessary steps to make sure all who portray to be qualified in this field really are who they say they are. Lack of experience could be a major factor behind the fatalities in our hospitals.

Cutting costs to save money is fine but cutting costs where lives are at stake is a different matter and a huge mistake.

How does an interview nowadays go? If you can give mouth to mouth resuscitation then start Monday. Having knowledge on first aid is not enough to give a transplant. To open up a human and move his/her organs around should be left for the proxy miracle workers.

As years go by some of us are required to take a driving test for the second time to make sure that our marbles are still there. This should be applied to the medical profession where doctors are vetted, vet the nurses, vet everyone involved with hospital work. We can well do with out the Harold Shipman’s of the world.

If the occupants of the house of horrors, oops sorry commons still insist on turning a blind eye then I say vet them too and have them all put down.

Overdosing patients and failing to unblock breathing tubes and much more is allowed in hospitals but a life sentence for murder if acted out on the street.

If the goverment allow this to continue does this make all political members accessories to murder.

Who will save our lives if all our doctors and nurses fall ill to exhaustion.

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