Save Yourself from the Terrible Ear Infection

Ear infections and earaches are common illnesses that plague just about 10 million Americans a year. They can cause immense pain that make it tough on you to concentrate and complete tasks. So what can be done to get rid of ear infections and earaches? Better yet, what can you do to prevent ear infections and earaches before they become a problem? Here, I’ll tell you the most common reasons for ear infections and list some basic methods that will help you and your friends escape the dreaded earache.

Who’s most affected by ear infections?

Children are the most common group affected by otitis media (ear infection). Three out of four children experience an earache or ear infection by the time they are three years old. Why is this important for you to know? It’s important because you’ll be able to recognize the signs of an impending ear infection for your children and do something about it before it becomes a problem.

How do earaches occur?

Did you know that swimming or taking a shower can lead to an ear infection? Ear infections are caused by trapped water, moisture and bacteria growth in the inner ear. This build up in the inner ear irritates the Eustachian tube and causes it to swell. The swelling of the Eustachian tube then puts added pressure on the inner ear and that leads to the aching that we feel. The pressure in the ear constantly builds as water and moisture are not able to drain from the ear through the nose. Alas, the inner ear infection is born. Allergies and cleaning your ear with a cotton swab can also lead to earaches and ear infections. All of the pressure in the ear eventually leads to hearing loss, itching, swelling in the ear, and pain. That’s when an earache occurs and causes discomfort. All of these ear infection symptoms can be treated and even prevented before you have a full blown earache.

Stop the pain before it starts

Having an earache is never any fun and that’s why you should take preventive measures before experiencing the pain of having one. Did you know that cleaning your nasal passage actually reduces the chance of suffering from an ear infection? The best way to rid yourself of chronic ear infection and earache is by keeping pollutants and irritants out of the Eustachian tube so that water can drain through the throat. Also, chewing gum or doing some other kind of chewing motion with the jaw will help reduce chances of getting an earache or ear infection. Other than these suggestions, there are only a few ways to rid yourself of an ear infection after getting it. If you’re already experiencing the pains from an ear infection, go to your local doctor for antibiotics.

Remember, just because you feel an earache coming on, doesn’t mean you have to live with the pain of it. Take the proper measures to ensure that you and your children don’t suffer the pains of an ear infection. Now, you know what to do to rid yourself of the pressure and pain that earaches and ear infections cause almost 10 million people a year.

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