Saving your Skin.

When the summer comes most people find it a refreshing time of year the suns rays warm up your heart and soul and people love to get out into the fresh air.

Some people are prone to having oily skin the coming of summer can be a traumatic time for you. As the summer produces more heat your skin is likely to produce more oil, this has the knock on effect of producing an unwelcome shine on your facial area.

Having oily skin can come from many things but mostly it can be passed on from one generation to the next. i.e. if your mother or father had it then there is a good chance that it will passed onto you too, it has a habit of running in the family.

Other major contributing factors include hormone imbalance for this condition, you must have noticed how many teens and young people under 21 that have that facial shine. Also affected can be pregnant women who notice their faces suddenly become oily it can also manifest itself during periods and during menopause.

Hormonal changes often bring out these conditions in your body and its difficult to combat.

The good news is there are things that you can do to prevent oily skin ruining your day. Here are some proven methods and techniques that will help you through the day and keep your facial oil in retreat.

(1)Keep your skin clean at all times carry some of those wet wipes they can really help. When your skin is very oily it will look dirty and feel dirty and they’re nothing worse than feeling dirty all day. Wash your face numerous times a day with a Glycerin soap this will help remove excess oil. It also helps if you can splash your face several times a day with cool water.

(2)Wipe your face regularly with suitable pre moistened alcohol wipe these are very effective at removing excess oil and can be bought at most cosmetic shops. They can be very handy on long journeys or for people constantly on the go.

(3)If you forget to bring along alcohol wipes just use absorbent toilet paper as this can do the job of removing excess oil and try to wash afterwards.

(4)After cleansing and wiping your skin maybe become to dry to prevent this carry a mist spray to moisten your face, keep your face moist but not oily as this will help you feel fresh all day.

(5)Avoid using moisturises on oily skin as they can clog up the pores of your skin leading to more serious skin problems like acne so just avoid using them.

(6)Use a facial cleaner that has a scrubbing effect this is great for removing excess oil however if you have a acne then youi need to avoid this as it will only make the situation a lot worse.

(7) A facial masque is another good technique to reduce oily skin and can be purchased from all good cosmetic stores but follow the instructions carefully to avoid any mishaps.

(8)Show off your natural beauty avoid using make up of any kind if you have to use make then make it water based as this will have the least effect on your condition.

(9)Use natural substances from the kitchen cucumber juice or slices and aloe Vera gel are particularly effective against oily skin look into health stores for other natural substances that can be used for cleaning your skin.

(10)Look after your skin and get dietary advice as sometimes what you eat affects how you look.

Sensible skin advice; look after your skin carefully and save it. With these steps you will look great all the time.

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